The “Biennale d’Arte del Bambino” Art and Culture Association was set up in 2006 with the primary aim of promoting the teaching of art and creativity to children as a means of providing them with the methods and skills required to produce their own original works of art within the school curriculum.  These works are then presented and displayed in an exhibition entitled “Biennale d’Arte del Bambino” which proposes new art themes for each new edition.

For this to be successful, all the people with an interest in the cultural development of children right from their first years must be made aware of this educational goal, so that the children can be encouraged to research and experiment with the formal aspects and techniques and tools of artistic expression, making them aware of the feeling of deep satisfaction that this generates in a context which takes into account all aspects of their psychological and physical development.

   Nursery and primary school teachers and experts in the various subjects and areas together with parents form a partnership in which these themselves becomes the researchers and promoters of new teaching and educational techniques proposing, alongside the work of the children, a series of teaching and educational courses at a number of different levels of ability.

The Association becomes a melting pot of ideas which, on the strength of past experience of previous Biennali, proposes a new theme for every edition. The depth and originality with which the teaching and creative art themes are dealt with always opens up new horizons in teaching and education. The objective is to guide children through the contents touching on the different subjects taught.

The Association has drawn up a programme presenting a series of meetings to create new opportunities for developing together: placements, conferences, debates, plays, as a means of enhancing and enriching the professionalism of all the members.

The main event organised by the Association is the "Biennale d’Arte del Bambino", which represents an important, significant step forward for children, a magical combination of life and art, which for everyone involved, epitomises the strong message that we need to study in greater depth and update our skills by using innovative teaching methods based on the development and changing needs of the individual.